Courage Necklace Gold


Harness your courage with this powerful necklace.

A staple piece of our new Inner Strengths collection. Calling on the animal of courage, the tiger. This tiger pendant is engraved with the word ‘courage’, a virtue empowering you to be strong in all that surrounds you.

Courage is a quality of the heart. Wearing this golden charm close to yours will remind you of your boundless bravery and greatness.

Enclosed with your chosen Inner Strength piece, our one-of-a-kind virtue cards will serve you as affirmation and a reminder of the common thread that unites humanity

  • 18K Gold Vermeil
  • Pendant 2cm with nine zirconia stars
  • Paper Chain: Length 45cm plus 5cm extension

Complimentary gift wrapping for all orders. 

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