Gem Star Necklace

$119 AUD

As you embark on a spiritual journey, be inspired to spread your unique rays of light to others with this piece. Our Gem Star Necklace represents love and hope, a guardian of your precious shine. 

Originating from ancient times, the gem is filled with significance, inspiring curiosity in those who make a wish to search for brilliance around the world. Embrace timeless beauty and illuminate with life through this piece.

This necklace comes in three different colours.

Amethyst Zircon 

Emerald Zircon 

Blue Sapphire Zircon 

  • 20" (50cm) Chain Length 1mm thick fully adjustable 
  • Gem Star Pendant 8mm
  • Gold Gem Star Necklace: Our Gold Vermeil pieces are hand-made from 925 Silver, finished with a high-quality 2.5 Micron thick layer of 18K Gold for an elegant and timeless tone.
  • Silver Gem Star Necklace: Our Silver jewellery is hand-made from 925 Silver.

Complimentary gift wrapping for all orders. 

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