Setareh Necklace Silver

$119 AUD

Look up to the night sky and discover a true treasure amongst the cluster of stars. The diamond radiates strength and resilience. A life illuminated with abundance unites us as we radiate the light of love to those who cross our path.

This Zircon Star Necklace features the Nine-Pointed Star symbol. As the highest single number, nine is recognised as a powerful element, representing the numerical value of the word ‘Bahá’ (Arabic for "Glory") in the Abjad numerical system.

  • 20" (50cm) Chain Length 1mm thick fully adjustable 
  • Setareh Pendant 1.2cm x 1cm featuring Zircon stone.
  • Silver SetarOur Silver jewellery is hand-made from 925 Silver.

Complimentary gift wrapping for all orders. 

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