An Ambition Comes to Life

I have always had a passion and desire to design jewellery. Over the years I have worked in different areas but my desire for jewellery was always constant in my life and kept growing.

I was always trying to find the right piece to wear that was simple and understated yet carried meaning. Once I became a mother, the drive to design such a range became even stronger, so much so that I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

The design process for me always begins when I am alone in nature. I feel fortunate to be living in Melbourne, a city where there is never a shortage of beauty. Being around nature allows me to be inspired and grow in many ways. When I am in that space it is powerful, as I notice the beauty in the smallest of details.

As I spend time in nature two things always stands out to me. All the natural elements I see, from a flower to a leaf, possess an inner strength as they survive in that environment despite many obstacles. While each one of them has a specific purpose in this world.

My vision with Lua is for the women wearing my pieces to feel their strength and purpose. The pieces are delicate but they are strong – like women. Embarking on this chapter has given me the honour to create pieces of jewellery that are genuine and beautiful in their meaning.

The pieces in this collection are about minimalist design and elegance, creating a range that captures the essence of those attributes. Jewellery has the power to remain with you and pass through generations, particularly when those precious items possess great power and meaning.

⁓ Afsoon