Melbourne-based designer, Afsoon Roshan, has over two decades of experience in fashion and design. This experience, accompanied by ambition and passion, has driven Afsoon to create a brand that is not only intentional but meaningful beyond measure.

Following work alongside some of Australia and the world's best designers and fashion brands, Afsoon recognised that jewellery has a profound ability to carry meaning. It can represent a belief, an experience, or simply a moment in time. Its value lies within the story of where it derived.

In 2019, Afsoon's brand Lua was brought to life.

Lua has been inspired by Louisa Moore Getsinger, a devoted Bahá'í Faith woman well recognised for her compassion and fearless determination. This brand symbolises those individuals whose conviction to make the world better has carried them to illustrious heights.

The Lua brand is a response to strong women, those courageous enough to devote their lives to unity, peace and equality worldwide.

Afsoon's personal approach to jewellery is more than aesthetics; these thoughtful and considered pieces have been curated to empower their wearer, accompany them through life's journey and encourage peace and unity for all.

Live a life that is bold and radiant with Lua.