Like any thing in life Lua jewellery needs to be cared for in order to safeguard its beauty and longevity.

All our products are a solid 925 sterling silver. All gold pieces are plated with an 18 karat gold finish.

Sterling silver and gold plated pieces will tarnish naturally over time. We recommend removing your jewellery when you shower and bath, exercise or swim in chlorinated or sea water as moisture will damage your plating. Avoid spraying perfume and applying lotions directly to your jewellery. This will ensure that your plating lasts for as long as possible.

Never use silver cloth or chemical cleaner on 18 karat gold plated jewellery as it can strip the gold finish. To keep any of your gold plated pieces clean very gently buff with a soft dry 100% cotton or microfibre cloth. Do not use tissue paper or paper towel.

When not being worn always store your jewellery in a safe, dry and cool place away from direct sunlight.

We recommend storing your jewellery in your Lua jewellery pouch. This will ensure your pieces do not oxidise or tangle.