It is with immense humbleness that I announce Lua’s newest collection; Botanica.

Unified, elegant and divine. This soulful collection has been inspired by the Abdu'l-Bahá quote above, and the harmony and diversity of the human race.  

 "Consider the world of created beings, how varied and diverse they are in species, yet with one sole origin. All the differences that appear are those of outward form and colour. This diversity of type is apparent throughout the whole of nature.

Behold a beautiful garden full of flowers, shrubs, and trees. Each flower has a different charm, a peculiar beauty, its own delicious perfume and beautiful colour. The trees too, how varied are they in size, in growth, in foliage—and what different fruits they bear! Yet all these flowers, shrubs and trees spring from the self-same earth, the same sun shines upon them and the same clouds give them rain.
So it is with humanity. It is made up of many races, and its peoples are of different colour, white, black, yellow, brown and red—but they all come from the same God, and all are servants to Him”.  

⁓ Abdu'l-Bahá

Each piece from the Botanica collection is a symbol of beauty bloomed from the same soil, yet so magically unique in every sense:
A Rose: love, but also purity and grace.  
An Orchid: elegance, boldness and new beginnings. 
A Lotus: enlightenment, patience and strength.  
A Leaf: hope, life and the journey of the soul.

Forever my pieces will be delicate but strong, like the ones who wear them. This collection is my heart and my soul, a gift to praise the beauty and diversity that surrounds the human race and that is the human race.
⁓ Afsoon