Starlight Collection Lua Studio Jewellery

A collection of beautiful pieces inspired by the nine-pointed star and the night sky.

Lua continues to celebrate our diverse humanity through beautiful hand-crafted pieces. Each piece represents the stars in the sky and their similarities to the souls surrounding us. From earth, a star’s colour is determined by water, air, and dust, just as our cultural background influences our look, our interests and how we express ourselves.

" S H I N E   A S  S T A R S   
R A D I A T I N G 
 T H E   L I G H T   O F   L O V E   
T O W A R D S   
A L L   M A N K I N D ."

A B D U ' L - B A H A


Each piece in the Starlight Collection is inspired to promote love, oneness and unity to those who wear it. 

⁓ Afsoon