Introducing the Inner Strengths Collection — by Lua

I am thrilled to introduce Lua's latest jewellery collection, Inner Strengths, which is very close to my heart.

This collection is purposefully designed to inspire its beholder to explore and tap into the essence of who they are. We are all inspired by the foundation qualities we draw upon in our daily lives to enhance our well-being and create a sense of happiness. Inner Strengths invites you to reflect on your inner self and develop a sense of strength, power, peace, and gratitude.


Virtues are qualities that are embedded within each of us. Qualities of love, kindness, peacefulness, service, joy, friendliness, and patience, to name a few. They are the fundamental qualities for our well-being and inner truth, these qualities are the foundation of our authentic selves.


My inspiration for the Inner Strengths collection stems from my work with a community school holiday program, where we strive to introduce a holistic and early approach to well- being. This program has motivated me to create a collection that promotes the idea that every individual possesses inner strengths that can aid them in overcoming challenges and achieving a fulfilling life.

As I release various new themes into the collection that reflect these foundations of well-being and spirit, I truly hope my pieces lead you to find your internal beauty by building and expressing these virtues. 

Courage is one of the foundation virtues that inspired my first drop within this collection. The carefully curated line includes studs, a necklace, and a bangle representing courage symbols.

Calling on the animal of courage, the tiger, these pieces emulate a fierce strength that encourages the beholder to invoke their inner confidence to face their fears.

I invite you to proudly wear jewellery forged by courage and command your Inner Strengths to shine from within, enriching your life, your community, and your loved ones.

~ Afsoon