I am honoured to announce Lua’s latest collection, The Land of the Sun.

Symbolic of life, growth, and purpose, this collection is inspired by the radiance that can be found within our divine souls; a celebration of universal love and light, which shimmers within us all.

"The sun is the life-giver to the physical bodies of all creatures upon earth; without its warmth their growth would be stunted, their development would be arrested, they would decay and die. Even so do the souls of men need the Sun of Truth to shed its rays upon their souls, to develop them, to educate and encourage them. As the sun is to the body of a man so is the Sun of Truth to his soul.”
~  Abdu'l-Bahá, Paris Talks.p.32


The sun, a continual reminder that humanity as one is never alone, our Creator is always there to guide us. Even when there are clouds in the sky, the sun is always with us on our journey, each ray creating a pathway of peace, warmth, and wellbeing.

Just as the sun brings life to nature, the truth gives life to the human spirit. Humanity can overcome life’s obstacles, guided by the pathway of light.

The Land of the Sun collection has been crafted with meaningful, symbolic designs to accompany you throughout life’s moments. Illuminate your heart and soul with one of our bespoke pieces. Each piece from this collection glistens with peaceful warmth.

A venture from the heart, I invite you to explore these timeless pieces for yourself or a loved one; cherish those radiant moments with this stunningly elegant collection.

Embrace your inner brilliance and allow your inner greatness to shine through.

~ Afsoon