Festival of Love, Fellowship, and Unity

The Festival of Ayyám-i-Há embraces some of the remarkable aspects we experience through life – love, fellowship, and unity.


A time of charity and goodwill, celebrate from Friday, 25 February to Tuesday, 1 March.

Ayyám-i-Há purely means “Days of Ha”, which is understood to have two significant meanings in Baha'i Faith. As an Arabic letter, ‘ha’ is a symbol of the divine essence, God. ‘Ha’ also represents the Abjad numerical system, representing the number five – the total days appointed for the period of Ayyám-i-Há.

During this joyous period, Baháʼís are encouraged to honour God by showing love, fellowship, and unity.

Each of us should celebrate in a way that is considered meaningful to oneself. Many wish to participate in various projects of the humanitarian spirit. Some Baháʼís tend to give and accept gifts to express harmony and kind-heartedness.

Our latest piece is inspired by the Festival of Ayyám-i-Há. An exceptional design, the Endless Love Necklace honours greatness in all its forms.

It is a symbol of love, surrounding our beautiful lives. This necklace reflects on the human spirit that sings with kindness and gratitude. Spread the light that is charity and hospitality with every encounter you face.

Love is continuous, embrace the magnificent possibilities that come your way. Those whom you hold dearest to your heart, welcome them with open arms, now and for eternity. And always radiate purposefulness along your journey, so wonderful yet fascinating.


“Where there is love, nothing is too much trouble and there is always time”    ⁓  'Abdu’l-Baha.


With love,